Bangkok Bank is an office building located at Jalan MH Thamrin Number 3, Central Jakarta. This building is included in the category C building which is not a premium building in quality. Even so, this office building is still very feasible and can be rented for the location of your office. Bangkok Bank is a commercial bank that provides various banking services in Indonesia. The Jakarta branch unit bank was first established in 1968. This bank is the largest bank in Thailand which already has many branches in various ASEAN countries including Indonesia.

This Bangkok Bank building is now leased as an office building located in the center of Jakarta. This building has been built for quite a long time with a size that is not very large, but this building has a very beneficial value as an office building such as a strategic location and easily accessible until there are many other offices and other important locations around this building. This building is not too wide and the number of floors is still under 10 floors. This medium size makes it difficult for you to reach various locations within the building. This building is also equipped with facilities such as parking lots that can accommodate vehicles for employees or visiting guests.

As an office located in the center of Jakarta, of course this building has good and easy access. Besides being able to be reached by private vehicles, the Bangkok Bank building can also be reached using public transportation such as the Metromini bus, Transjakarta to Kopaja buses. You do not need any difficulties when going to work or going home. Not only that, from this building you can also reach many other important locations in a fairly short time. Some important places close to this building include the National Monument (Monas) and Sarinah. Bank Indonesia is located quite close and can be reached easily and quickly. After knowing the various advantages of this building do not need to wait long, immediately contact the relevant parties to rent your office unit.



  • Years Constructed 1968

  • Membership Parking N/A

  • Toilets N/A

  • Type

  • Office Hours

    Mon - Fri : N/A

    Sat : N/A

    Sun : N/A

  • Number of Lifts N/A

  • Floor Count <10

  • Building Size N/A

  • Average Floor Plate N/A



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