Chubb Square, located on Jalan M.H. Thamrin Jakarta Pusat is an office building in the heart of Jakarta. This office building is in a very strategic location with a fairly good building category. This building is one of 3 buildings in the Thamrin Nine complex. The building is also quite large in size, which is a total of 27,500 square meters. This spacious building is available for free rent by people who need a premium office location. In order to understand more about this building, let the material be more complete about facilities and ease of access.

The Chubb Square building has 9 floors with a large floor area of ​​3,056 square meters. This office building can be rented for an annual period or per 3 months. You can extend your lease if you still need an office location in the same place. This building is equipped with 5 passenger lifts that can be used freely by all building occupants. There is also a dedicated lift for other special purposes. In addition, this building is also equipped with adequate parking space. A vehicle parking lot is available with a maximum capacity of 660 lots. All tenan employees or guests who come to visit can freely use this parking facility. There is also a place of worship in the form of a prayer room located in a building complex that will greatly facilitate Muslim building users to perform daily worship.

The location of Chubb Square is very strategic and close to many economic centers such as shopping centers. You can reach Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia and Thamrin City just by walking a few minutes from the location of the building. This very premium location does bring many benefits for tenants. Access to this building is also very easy. You can use private vehicles, public vehicles to various kinds of transportation online. The point is you don't have to worry about transportation because there are many types of vehicles that can take you off and go home to work.



  • Years Constructed N/A

  • Membership Parking

    Reserved : Rp.15.000.000 Annually

    Unreserved : Rp.1.800.000 Quarterly

  • Toilets

    Male Cubical : 5

    Male Urinal : 5

    Female Cubical : 7

    Male Cubical : 5

    Male Urinal : 5

    Female Cubical : 7

  • Type

  • Office Hours

    Mon - Fri : 09:00 - 18:00

    Sat : 09:00 - 13:00

    Sun : N/A

  • Number of Lifts

    Passenger Lift : 4

    Service Lift : 1

  • Floor Count 9

  • Building Size 27.500 m2

  • Average Floor Plate 3.056 m2


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