The Setiabudi 2 building is as old as Gedung Lina discussed earlier. This building is one of the iconic office buildings in the Rasuna Said area that has been established since 1982. Although it is an old building, this building has a building design that is rightly beautiful and does not look too out of date. This building has 6 floors with a total building area of ​​17,882 square meters. The area is divided into 6 floors so that one floor has an area of ​​about 2,980 square meters. This size is quite large compared to the previous office building. A large enough number of others can provide more comfort to all workers in the company.

The Setiabudi 2 Building has quite complete facilities. Not only contains offices, this location also contains many other supporting facilities that make it easier for employees such as fitness centers, beauty salons, restaurants and laundry places. Not only that, the area around this building also contains a lot of adequate public facilities ranging from apartments, star hotels and many other public facilities. The facilities in the building are quite complete, such as 4 elevators to serve building users on 6 floors, money exchange services, minimarkets, ATMs and a large parking area that can accommodate up to 1,419 vehicles.

The location of Setiabudi 2 Building is also very strategic. Complete facilities in the building are in fact balanced with the complete range of life support facilities around this office building. The location of this building is indeed close to various other crowd centers. Furthermore, when viewed in terms of road access, this building can be easily reached using various types of public transportation such as taxis, city buses, LRT to vehicles based online. The usual rent charged by this building still tends to be affordable. This building can be the right choice if you are looking for a building or office complex at a lower price, but the facilities are still complete and adequate.


Building Profile and Specification :

Building Completion : 1982

Rentable Area : 15,309 Sqm

Number of Floors : 6

Typical Floor Size : 2,551 Sqm

Office Hours :

Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 18:00 Saturday: 07:00 - 13:00

Parking Capacity : 425 Lots



Passenger Lifts : 3

Executive Lifts : -

Service and Parking Lifts : 1

Ceiling Height : 2.50 M - Typical Floor

Internet Service Provider : CBN, Biznet, Indosat, Napinfo

Telecommunication Provider : Telkom, Indosat


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