Graha Antero is an office building located in the Tomang area, precisely in Jalan Tomang Raya No. 27, RT 1 / RW 1, Tomang, Grogol Petamburan District, West Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta. The location of this office building is very strategic so it is suitable for you who want to rent an office in West Jakarta. The strategic location of office rental is also expected to meet the planned targets and expectations. Thus, location accuracy is very important and should be considered when renting an office.

Graha Antero itself is a medium-sized office building with 8 floors which is quite a walk away to Taman Anggrek Mall and Central Park Jakarta. This office building is equipped with 2 lifts. This building has an ATM and a bank as a facility in the office complex. Free parking spaces also make it easier for guests to come. The working atmosphere in the office building is also comfortable and the food nearby is also varied so you don't have to worry about stomach problems. Room with various facilities and room capacity provided can be a reference when they want to decide to rent an office. The new atmosphere that is presented can be an advantage that makes you not bored. You can also set your own time. This building is well-known as a building that provides reliable and good quality office rental so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Graha Antero has fairly easy access which is very close to the public area and public transportation so that it is affordable if you want to travel anywhere. Especially now that the era is increasingly sophisticated and modern, then you can choose to use online transportation to be more effective. For those of you who want to rent an office here has several advantages that are obtained. By renting an office you can determine as needed. The maintenance of this building is also quite good so you don't need to worry if you choose this building as a satisfactory office rental option.



  • Years Constructed N/A

  • Membership Parking N/A

  • Type Lease Only

  • Office Hours

    Mon - Fri : N/A

    Sat : N/A

    Sun : N/A

  • Number of Lifts

    Pasangger Lift : 2

  • Floor Count 8

  • Building Size N/A

  • Average Floor Plate N/A


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