Graha Sukandamulia is an office building that provides comfortable office units according to the wishes of business people. This building is an office building located in West Jakarta. The location is on the most difficult Jalan Tomang 71-73, West Jakarta. Office units available for stratum and office rent. Its location in one of the business districts will provide its own benefits for you. This building also has a location close to many other office buildings. The environment created is very supportive of office activities that are full of enthusiasm. Some public facilities are also easily accessed from this building, such as shopping centers and residential areas. Some public facilities around this building include ITC Roxy Mas, Taman Anggrek, and Central Park Jakarta.

Graha Sukandamulia has a comfortable lobby to welcome guests and visitors. The facilities inside this medium office building are also quite complete. There is an elevator available for visitors and to help with office activities. Equipped with surveillance cameras and also security officers who stand guard for 24 hours. This office building has a schedule from Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm on Saturdays from 7am to 1pm. For employees who want to have lunch, there is no need to bother leaving as there are already facilities in the form of canteens or restaurants. Other additional facilities inside the building are ATM and bank.

Graha Sukandamulia can certainly be accessed easily using private vehicles, especially for those who have parking access in the building. But not to worry too because for public transportation there are also many choices. The building that is passed by the public transportation lane can be reached by various options such as public buses, TransJakarta buses, taxis, and KRL. Users of the train transportation mode can choose stops at some of the closest stations. Some of the closest public transportation stations are the ar ridho mosque station which is 29 meters away about 1 minute on foot, tomang highway road station is 76 meters or 2 minutes by foot, tomang pospol 2 about 136 meters can be reached by walking for about 2 minutes, and tomang highway station 3b 333 meters or about 5 minutes.



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    Pasengger Lift : 1

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