Indosurya center is the headquarters of Indosurya Group. Indosurya Group itself is one of the companies engaged in financial services. This company has a high commitment to Indonesia's economic growth and will always follow the pattern of investment developments in Indonesia.

One of the children from the Indosurya Group company, PT. Indosurya Inti Finance. This company has business units in Realty, Financial, and Resources. Indosurya's experience, especially in finance and capital markets, has been tested for decades and has a good reputation. This company is also capable of passing through the bleak times due to the monetary crisis or the global crisis. On May 27, 2011 PT. Indosurya Inti Finance officially obtained permission from the Ministry of Finance and BAPEPAM-LK through Decree Number: KEP-425 / KM.10 / 2011. At present, PT. Indosurya Inti Financ is an officially registered finance company under the auspices of the Financial Services Authority as well as the products and services offered by this company namely Consumer Financing, Factoring, Leasing, Automotive Financing, and Housing Loan (KPR).

Indosurya Center which is the headquarters of Indosurya Group having its address at JL. MH Thamrin No. 3. MH Thamrin is a protocol road and main road in the city of Jakarta. This road runs from the roundabout on the south side of the National Monument and ends at the HI Roundabout. This company building is on the left side of the road. To get to this location, you can choose one of the access routes that you can go through. If you go to this location with a private vehicle from the direction of Grogol, you can pass the route Jl. Raya Pantura - Jl. Letjen S. Parman - Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim - Jl. MH Thamrin. While if you depart from the direction of Bekasi, you can also go through the Jakarta - Bekasi and Cawang - Grogol Toll Roads, then exit at the door of the Mampang - Kuningan Toll Road. You can also use the by-pass route via Jl. KH. Mansyur is relatively comfortable. The location of the Indosurya Center is also close to public transportation routes, such as the future busway and MRT, making it easier for those who do not use private vehicles to reach the location.



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