Menara Kompas is one of the office buildings in Central Jakarta. This building is included in Grade A so it is definitely providing complete facilities for all users. Interior and exterior appearance looks luxurious and has a modern feel. It is located on Jl. Palmerah Selatan No.20-21, RT4 RW2 Jakarta and available for rent. The owner of the upper class company especially can choose this building as the location of his office because it offers complete facilities and easy access considering its strategic location, which is in the center of the capital's business district. Moreover, having an office in a Grade A building will certainly give its own prestige that is not obtained if we choose a Grade B or Grade C. building

Menara Kompas is also one of three office buildings located in the same area. The total area is 56,727 square meters consisting of 24 floors. Each floor has an area of ​​approximately 721 square meters. The building which was built in 2017 is equipped with various facilities that will facilitate users. Among these are 10 elevators which are divided into 7 passenger lifts, 1 service lift and 1 executive elevator. In addition, there are also 315 parking lots, ATMs, restaurants, food courts, minimarkets, small mosques and banks. We do not need to walk far out of the office if you want to enjoy these facilities because everything is in the office area.

Menara Kompas has office hours that are valid from Monday to Friday at 07.00 WIB until 18.00 WIB and Saturday from 07.00 WIB until 13.00 WIB. Its strategic location makes it close to various life support facilities around it. Call it like Senayan City, ITC Permata Hijau to Plaza Senayan. For modes of transportation that can be chosen to the building is also very diverse. We can use city buses, public transportation, KRL, MRT, taxis and various online transportation. Finding this building is also quite easy because of its location on the edge of the highway.


Building Profile and Specification :

Building Completion : 2017

Rentable Area : 35,044 Sqm

Number of Floors : 24 Floors

Typical Floor Size : 620 - 1,170 Sqm

Office Hours :

Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 18:00

Saturday: 07:00 - 13:00

Parking Capacity : 270 Lots


Passenger Lifts : 7

Executive Lifts : 1

Service and Parking Lifts : 1

Ceiling Height : 2.80 M - Typical Floor

Internet Service Provider : Telkom, etc

Telecommunication Provider : Telkom, etc


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