Rajawali Tower is one of the buildings that is located at Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Lot 5.1 South Jakarta. This building has even been built since 1988 in the Mega Kuningan area which is considered as one of the elite areas that is suitable to be used as a business district. Although this building was built in a fairly long time, the quality of this building does not need to be doubted. Because, this building has the same quality as several other buildings around Mega Kuningan. Even at this time, this building is always in demand by many people because of its cost efficiency which is one of its advantages.

Rajawali Tower is also a grade B building with a very large area and also makes it comfortable. The area of ​​the building itself is 30,949 square meters with a floor area of ​​about 1,190 square meters which is often used as an office area. Not only that, this building has a number of facilities that even make many people more comfortable. Some examples of facilities are the 7 lifts and 1 service elevator. Then, other facilities in this place such as canteens, ATMs, coffee shops, bakeries, mini markets, parking lots with 410 vehicles, and also security for 24 hours.

Because the Rajawali Tower building is located in the Mega Kuningan area, then you don't need to worry anymore about a number of living needs around the building. Some examples are the Embassy, ​​JW Marriott Hotel, Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta, The Ritz Carlton, Sailendra Apartments. You can easily reach several shopping centers such as heading to The Bellagio Boutique Mall, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan City, Ambassador Mall, and also ITC Kuningan. While some transportation options can be used to go to this place or even go to several buildings in the vicinity such as using the shuttle bus, Trans Jakarta, or even using easy online transportation.


Building Profile and Specification :

Building Completion : 1998

Rentable Area : 30,949 Sqm

Number of Floors : 26 Floors

Typical Floor Size : 1,190 Sqm

Office Hours :

Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 18:00

Saturday: 07:00 - 13:00

Parking Capacity : 408 Lots


Passenger Lifts : 6

Executive Lifts : -

Service and Parking Lifts : 1

Ceiling Height : 2.80 M - Typical Floor

Internet Service Provider : Telkom, Indosat, Biznet, Velo

Telecommunication Provider : Telkom, Indosat


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