Office 8 is a building that was built in 2011. This building is an office building that has a luxurious design located in an elite area. It is very suitable for the existence of the building in an elite environment, because it can be one of the main things to be able to improve a comfortable atmosphere while working. Most mature business people will definitely use this building. Located on Jalan Senopati No. 113, South Jakarta, this building is included in a very strategic location. This building has a very good interior and exterior design. With the use of glass that dominates throughout its exterior design, this building has room for sunlight to easily enter the building area.

The Office 8 building is one of the office buildings included in the grade A group in the Senopati area. It also makes the building seem to make productivity higher for workers. Especially coupled with various kinds of facilities that support the implementation of work properly. Some facilities that can be used by all workers, such as 11 elevators using the latest technology, namely low zone and high zone, 1 service elevator, restaurant, ATM, bank, mini market, food court, 24-hour security area, and parking area which can accommodate hundreds of vehicles.

In addition, the Office 8 building has indeed been proven to be a building that has easy access to anywhere. It is proven by the Senopati area which is surrounded by various types of adequate needs. For example, when you will go to several places such as apartments, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, famous bars, superstores, then you can easily and quickly arrive. Even for transportation options also have quite a number of choices that can be used. You can use several public transportation such as Trans Jakarta, KRL, taxi, MRT, etc. As for office opening hours, it starts from Monday to Friday, 07.00 to 18.00, and for Saturday starts at 07.00 until 13.00.


Building Profile and Specification :

Building Completion : 2011

Rentable Area : 56,900 Sqm

Number of Floors : 37 Floors

Typical Floor Size : 1,400 - 1,630 Sqm

Office Hours :

Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 18:00

Saturday: 07:00 - 13:00

Parking Capacity : 740 Lots


Passenger Lifts : 10

Executive Lifts : 1

Service and Parking Lifts : 1

Ceiling Height : 2.75 M - Typical Floor

Internet Service Provider : Telkom, etc

Telecommunication Provider : Telkom


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