Oil Center Building is one of the office buildings located in the heart of Jakarta's Central Business District with Grade B category. The building consists of 8 floors and has a total size of 10,600 square meters. Inside the building is also equipped with five lifts, and special service lifts. In addition, the Oil Center Building also has 181 parking lots that are used to serve office and guest tenants, ATMs, Restaurants, Foodcourt, Minimarkets, and Banks that are useful as facilities in the office complex.

Oil Center Building was established in 1971 and is still operating today. One Center Building is always consistent in maintaining quality and providing the best service. As a result, until now, this building still has many interested people. At present, this building is used as one of the offices of the largest oil company in Indonesia, PT Pertamina Lubricans. The company is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) which was established on September 23, 2013. The company received a separation from the lubricant business unit of PT Pertamina on October 30 and was determined to become a world-class lubricant company capable of occupying the position of Top 20 World Lubricants Company. Apart from being used as the office of PT Pertamina Lubricants, the second floor of this building was also used as the office of PT Pertamina Gas. The company established in 2017 is more focused on the fields of distribution transportation, commerce, processing, and other businesses related to natural gas and its derivative products.

The Oil Center Building is located on Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 55 is located very close to Sarinah Plaza, Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. This building is also surrounded by office buildings and other shopping centers, such as EX Plaza, Thamrin City, etc. that make this area look more attractive. Not only that, this location is also located in the center of the capital city and has easy access because it is located close to the toll road. Interestingly, this area also has public transportation facilities that operate for 24 hours.



  • Years Constructed 1971 , renovated 2008

  • Membership Parking

    Reserved Structure : Rp.5.000.000 Annually

    Unreserved Structure : Rp.300.000 Monthly

    Motorcycle : Rp.120.000 Monthly

  • Toilets

    Male Urinal : 6

    Male Cubical : 6

    Female Cubical : 6

  • Type Lease Only

  • Office Hours

    Mon - Fri : 07:30 - 17:30

    Sat : 07:30 - 13:30

    Sun : N/A

  • Number of Lifts

    Passenger Lift : 4

    Service Lift : 1

  • Floor Count 8

  • Building Size 10.600 m2

  • Average Floor Plate 1.325 m2


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