Wisma Aldiron Dirgantara is one of the office buildings in the Gatot Subroto area of ​​South Jakarta that is different from the others. If usually office buildings are built high up with many floors, this building is built to a large size and extends to the side. This building is not too tall, with only 5 floors in it. This building is included in the category C grade building which has a total building area of ​​25,000 square meters. This building is suitable for office locations for those who don't like offices that are too high.

The Wisma Aldiron Dirgantara  with 5 floors is facilitated with 4 lifts that can be used by all tenants and guests as well as a service lift. The area per floor in this building can be said to be quite large, which is around 5,000 square meters per floor. The building that was built in 1996 is not a new building, but it is equipped with quite complete facilities. These facilities include minimarkets, ATMs, banks and canteens in the building complex area that make it easier for users of this building. There is also a fully guarded 24-hour security system to ensure the security of all tenants of this building. The parking area provided is quite extensive and can accommodate up to 1,000 lots of vehicles so that tenants and guests carrying private vehicles do not need to be confused to find parking.

The location of Wisma Aldiron Dirgantara is very strategic and easy to reach. This building can be accessed from various directions starting from the direction of Kalibata, Tebet, Pasar Minggu and Cawang. The location is in front of the iconic Pancoran Statue so it's easy to recognize. Around this area there are also various business centers such as shopping centers, hotels, apartments and cinemas. Transportation that can be used to reach this location in addition to private vehicles is by public buses such as Kopaja, Metromini to TransJakarta. Around this building can also be found many important public facilities such as places of worship (prayer rooms) and refueling posts or gas stations.


Building Profile and Specification :

Building Completion : 1996

Rentable Area : 20,000 Sqm

Number of Floors : 4 Floors

Typical Floor Size : 5,000 Sqm

Office Hours :

Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 18:00

Saturday: 07:00 - 14:00

Parking Capacity : 500 Lots


Passenger Lifts : 3

Executive Lifts : -

Service and Parking Lifts : 1

Ceiling Height : 2.60 M - Typical Floor

Internet Service Provider : TBA

Telecommunication Provider : Telkom


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